Sandiaga Uno to Launch 100 Free Bikes in Monas

TEMPO.COJakarta – Jakarta Deputy Governor Sandiaga Uno launched Free Gowes facility in the inner area of National Monument or Monas, Central Jakarta, Friday, July 27. The facility would let the public utilize the free bicycle in the area.

“It aims to boost public interest to live a healthy lifestyle and reduce pollution,” said Sandiaga Uno after the launching ceremony of Free Gowes facility in Monas, Friday, July 27.

The city administration provided the facility in tandem with start-up company and city transportation company Transjakarta. “This is a real program from profitable sector using CSR funds,” he added. provided 100 free bicycle units in Monas. The visitor required to download Gowes application. To open the bike lock, visitors could scan the QR code displayed on the back of the bike via the application. The lending time was not limited. After using the bicycle, the visitor must return it to one of seven points and lock it via the application.

The application would know the user location, duration time, and total calories burned as well as the amount of carbon emission saved during the trip.

Gowes bicycle was equipped with a tight security to prevent robbery. director Iwan Suryaputra said he would deploy security officers to restore the bike that parked carelessly.

Jakarta Smart City, Iwan added, could also help to monitor the bicycle’s movement because it is featured with GPS system.

Other than in Monas launched by Sandiaga Uno, already conducted the trial on its facility in Bali and Bintaro, providing 50 and 150 bikes respectively.

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