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What Is GOWES ?

Gowes is an application-based bicycle sharing service, where Gowes users can use Gowes bikes by opening a bicycle padlock with a Gowes application and after being parked in a safe place does not disturb public order and do not forgtet to lock it again. There are several strategic parking spots that can be seen on the Gowes application.

Can I park a bicycle in any place?

The bicycle ride service provides users with the freedom to park their bikes in the place they are going to, sometimes at the destination they have no bicycle facilities and in such conditions the user can park a bicycle in a safe place which does not disturb public order and obstruct pedestarian streets or lanes. And don’t forget to lock the bike back.

How much is the use of gowes?

Bike service in some place are free, in some paid place, price vary depending on the coorperation with the owner of the location of the cycling location.

Why can’t I unlock bicycle ?

There are several reasons why the bicycle lock cannot be opened, we try to give a cause and how to overcome it.

  • Because it is not connected to the internet, the solution requires an internet conection and Bluetooth on your cellphone to unlock the padlock, please enable the permission for the application to access data and Bluetooth service on your cellphone.
  • Because the condition of the bicycle lock padlock is experiencing disruption, the solution is to find another bicyle that is ready to use. If possible report tou our cs 08119275577 (WA & Call) so that our team can immediately repair the bicycle.

What do you do after renting a bicycle ?

The way is quite easy, after using a bicycle don’t forget to close the lock manually so that the balance does not run continuously to prevent losses.


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